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Physical and Academic Facilities

Physical and Academic Facilities (Utilization and Maintenance Policy)

Facilities use for Policy Purpose

The College tries its best to maintain and utilize the Physical, Academic and support facilities suchas Laboratory, Library, Sports Complex, Computers, Classroom etc. in the utmost possible way.This results in a quality learning and working environment for students, faculty and staff. The mainemphasis put by the institution in this regard is that those students who belong to the economicallyunprivileged families can have the maximum benefits of these facilities. This policy document isdesigned to provide guidance to the college and the community for the use of college facilities.Various committees are assigned to maintain the following facilities:

Laboratory Management

There is a laboratory in the Department of Education, North Kamrup College which is used as a partof undergraduate programme. The record of maintenance of the laboratory equipments of thedepartment is maintained by the HOD of the concerned department.

ICT Management

The College has three smart classrooms, partially Wi-Fi enabled campus, desktops, laptops, etc. TheICT Cell of the College maintains the ICT resources of the College.Infrastructure MaintenanceThe Principal of the College along with the Construction Committee and the Members of GoverningBody conduct meetings for infrastructure development and repairing, preparing, annual budget forinfrastructure maintenance register.


The College has one Central Library, which is run under the supervision of the librarian, who is wellsupported by the support staff. There is a Library Advisory Committee to take major decisionsregarding functioning of the central library. The library maintains proper procedure for lendingbooks to teachers and students, and the records are kept properly. The Central library of the Collegeensures to assist the students and teachers in upgrading their knowledge in making proper use ofLibrary resources like books, journals, magazines etc.

Sports Facilities

In the College Student’s Union, there is a Games Secretary, who is entrusted with theresponsibilities of conducting sports activities and utilizing the sports facilities. The GamesSecretary acts under the guidance of the Professor in-Charge of Union Body to ensure the maximumutilization and maintenance of the existing facilities and all the resources related to the sports andgymnasium. All the appropriately maintained infrastructure and equipments are made available forconduction of various indoor games, outdoor games, sports competition and different innovativesports practices. It is the responsibility of the Professor-In-Charge of the Union Body and SportsSecretary to ensure that all the facilities and resource accessible in the college campus like in-doorgames equipments, out-door games equipments, Gymnasium etc. are made available to all thestakeholders with maximum utilization and proper maintenance.