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1.80% Attendance is Compulsory. If any student fails to attain 80% Attendance, he/she will not be allowed to appear in the Examination.

2.If any student fails to attend College continuously for 15 Days after Admission he/she will rusticated from the college.

3.Mobile phones are strictly prohibited inside the college campus.

4.No entry without proper uniform and identity card into the college campus.

5.Students have to be punctual in classes. They must arrive before 9 am.

6.Wearing Helmet is compulsory while entering in the college campus with bike or scooty.

7.Show your respect to teachers.

8.Any student found Misbehaving with any college Authority will be rusticated from the College.

9.Gutkha/Tobacco is strictly prohibited inside the college campus.

10.Ragging is crime. If any student found guilty of Ragging, legal action will be charged against him/her.

11.Keeping the college clean is your responsibility.

12.You must attend all the examination including class test, unit test, Sessional test, Pre-final test. Any student found absent in examination will be rusticated from the college.

13.Any Discrepancy arises in college campus the decision of college authority will be final.